About Lucy

Lucy of Lucy Designs

“Sewing is my thing!”

Lucy Reimer lives in a small town, but she has big-city talent. She makes eye-catching and functional purses, bags, clothing, and accessories. Her gorgeous purses are one-of-a-kind; each one is unique in its own way.

Made with love for real life…

Combining her sewing skills with an eye for distinctive design, Lucy’s hand-crafted creations are truly made with love. No detail is too small—when choosing a material she doesn’t just pick a pattern or a colour, the material has to feel right, as well. Lucy’s purses are beautiful, and they’re made for real life with an assortment of inside pockets to keep your things organized.

“To a good home, only…”

Lucy is a maker; she loves what she does, and she’s passionate about her work. You’ll love carrying or wearing her hand-crafted creations almost as much as she loved making them, whichever Lucy Designs piece you may choose.

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